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Shutter Up Creative Designs proudly services Fort Myers locally.


We offer Fort Myers Logos, Fort Myers Website Design, Fort Myers SEO, Fort Myers Google Ad’s, Fort Myers Resume Creation, Fort Myers Branding, Fort Myers Social Media Management, Fort Myers Content Creation, Fort Myers Internet Marketing and more!




Fort Myers Marketing & Branding Services


Fort Myers Logo Design

Shutter Up Creative Designs understands how important your logo is for your brands identification. We love to turn your logo vision into reality. The process of logo design here is a very personal one. We take the time to get to know you, your business, your idea’s, favorite things and more. We feel that logos should be built on a personal logo since it is going to be the very things your business goes by. Researching your competitors and getting your input are very important steps we take when performing Fort Myers logo development. Over time, we’ve devised a questionnaire to ensure we will understand your style. We ask some basic questions to get a feel of your desired logo design and then we bring to life your idea, provide some assistance to finish up your idea, or we will just wing it with our own artistic design opinion. We understand each client has their own needs so we ensure each experience with us will be unique to fit just what your company needs.


Fort Myers Social Media Management 

Fort Myers social media accounts are always growing. Social media has been becoming a solid way of getting your business known for quite some time now. Thousands of accounts are getting created on a daily basis all across the web. The amount of consumers that can be reached across social media is infinite. Many business owners do not have the time to focus on social media. This in return weakens their online presence. Shutter Up Creative Designs provides all Fort Myers Social Media Management services. We will set-up your accounts, monetize them across the web, create posts and relative content for your industry and more. We are here to take the burden of weekly postings off your plate.


Fort Myers Website Design 

Fort Myers Website Design is one of our favorite things to do! We can do everything from full design services, to all content creation, and even just a revamp and design of your previous website that isn’t meeting your businesses needs. We can provide Fort Myers SEO while building your website.

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