About us.

Thanks for your interest in my business.

I am the owner and operator of Shutter Up Creative Designs. I was born and raised in Southwest Florida. I decided to open my own digital marketing company, Florida.

Yes, I am a TRUE Florida native!

My name is Sarah Squarebrigs and I have been living in the digital marketing world for about 12 years now. As a teenager I began learning about graphic design. At 18 I was working for a dental insurance company running their online marketing team. After this job I begin to take many side jobs making online ad’s with photoshop. As the years went on I learned how to make websites and started creating content for others. Next, I moved on to logo designs and other aspects of marketing and branding. I love creating and designing new things. Finally, over the years I learned marketing material is key to having a successful business.

Marketing is the main key on how to get your business discovered by all your ideal clientele. I love to be the one that has the ability to help others grow. My business has began to blossom over the years and I am happy at what I have molded in into be and wish to continue to grow. I enjoy being a one stop marketing business for all. Over the years I began to learn all the crucial factors to online marketing. I love the opportunity to show other businesses the ropes and establish their brands first hand. I enjoy starting the business with the logo and ending with monthly SEO and internet marketing.

I can not wait to add consistent growth to my digital marketing company, Florida.

When I am not working or spending time with my family, I love practicing my compound bow, fishing, diving, and being outdoors. I am a momma to 3 beautiful children named Angel, Aurora, and River who you will see throughout my portfolio..

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